The interview in this podcast contains things I never mentioned before and updates about my story being the first hacker sent to prison in #uruguay

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In this episode, we talk to Alberto Daniel Hill, a white hat hacker who was wrongly arrested by Interpol and sent to jail in Uruguay. He had little support to rely on, except from his mother, to help him get out. Now he is here with us to tell his story.

Alberto tells us how his life got turned upside down from having a growing career, serious relationship and considerable assets in cryptocurrency to losing it all. While trying to do the right thing he was taken by international police.

Listen to how he got out of prison and is trying to pick up his life again now. Dealing with the mental stress and scars from this experience, he shared parts of his story in his book: Login to Hell: The Real Story of a Hacker. He is now an international speaker on the topic of hacking, speaking on many different well-known stages.

Check out the lastest updates in this episode.

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